//Beginners Guide to Marathon

Beginners Guide to Marathon


Well, long story short, 20 years later I’m still coaching runners and triathletes. Over the course of these 20 years I have been able to study with some of the greatest minds, philosophies and coaches in the history of endurance sports. Lydiard, Friel, and Maffetone to name a few. I have studied the sciences, always staying focused on new developments and understandings of the human cardiovascular system, muscular-skeletal system and over all biomechanics. A great coach once told me, “never stop evolving, everyday there are new developments and understandings about the overall human condition, adapt and be able to grow.” Those words ring clearly in my mind even 20 years later.Adapt and Grow.

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Beginners Guide To Marathon - Coach Jeff - cover

Writing this book has been a very long process. It was important for me to convey the passion I have for coaching and for helping people work toward and achieve a happier, healthier life through running and triathlon. Keep that in mind always as you read through the chapters. I am also making myself available through direct email contact if you have questions as you go through thebook.Such is my commitment to seeing every reader succeed.
Take your time. get a clear understanding of each level of effort based training. Make your training process about passion, commitment and consistency, and I assure you there will be life altering results.