Coach David works with all levels of runners but is geared more for the ultra running crowd. Far from elite he knows what it takes for normal, everyday working people to juggle real life responsibilities and maintain a consistent eye on the prize when chasing big goals.
After embracing effort based training he was able to shave 15 minutes off his marathon PR and hit the elusive sub 3 hour time. He is a Missouri age group state record holder for the 50 mile distance and has 5 sub 24 hour 100 miler finishes including a sub 20 at the 100 mile national trail championships. His coaching philosophy includes defining clear goals and realistic outcomes. He understands and encourages the idea that winning is always defined by the athlete and not validated with a medal, trophy or podium appearance.
David holds degrees in psychology and criminal justice and has served in the USMC. This background, combined with his own running experience, provides him with a unique set of skills to help runners weave their way through the mental side of going long and find the grit to persevere when it gets tough.