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What I bring to the individual is 25 years of experience.

My  approach to training is individual focused and comprehensive. I believe that coaching is about educating my athletes not just giving you a schedule. Communication, structure, guidance and motivation is the complete package that I offer to everyone I work with.

I limit the number of athletes I work with to 20. This ensures you get the attention and high quality coaching you need to achieve your goals.

“No individual is too big, too small, or too slow not to be coached.”.

  • Ironman U Certified
  • Lydyard Level II Certified
  • Certified Natural Running Coach
  • Certified Total Immersion Swim Coach
  • Certified Nutrition and Wellness Coach
  • Certified Personal Trainer

In addition the coach completed his studies in nursing with a specialty in orthopedics and nutrition. He was published by the Colorado Nurses Association.

The Coach only works with 20 athletes.