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I’ve tried it all Stock Sales, Multiple Crowdfunding attempts, investor pitch after investor pitch with no luck. So now I am going to try the fund my craziness approach. That’s right.

That’s right FUND MY CRAZINESS!!!!!!!! 

I believe in DFB. I truly believe that I am on the verge of creating the most interactive athlete and fitness tracking program on the market. I have spent 5 years and every penny I have earned and more to make it happen.

Week in and week out for twenty years I have helped people achieve new goals. I have seen people make dreams come true.

Daily Fit Book can be a community of athletes from all over the world. A Global Team. Alone or together, striving to conquer. Daily Fit Book is the first platform designed to let you experience community and social fitness – connecting and motivating each other through one of a kind global community experience. No matter the weather, the circumstance, day after day, we provide a high-quality training and logging experience that produces results.

At Daily Fit Book we provide training, motivation, and camaraderie. When you become a part of our community you quickly see we love what we do.

There will be rewards for donations! A $10.00 donation gets one-month free premium access to DFB so you can test drive it. $25.00 gets you a pre-built training plan of your choice. $50.00 dollars is 2 Shares of DFB Private stock and a prebuilt plan. $100.00 2 Shares of DFB Private Stock and a prebuilt plan and $200.00 4 Shares of DFB private Stock and a pre-built plan.

So stop the madness and FUND MY CRAZINESS.

Daily Fit Book