Daily Fit Book Private Kickstarter

Here's who we are and what we do!

Here’s What we Do

DailyFitBook was designed to be a combination of a coaching and logging platform for runners and triathletes globally.

It starts with having a clear goal, finding expert instruction, performing structured training and receiving immediate feedback throughout the process. Our eco-system of web, mobile and desktop products will help guide you on your journey.

Daily Fit Book will provide the complete web, mobile and desktop solution for enabling smart effective endurance training. Our products will include, DailyFitBook.com Athlete and Coach Edition, desktop software for cutting-edge scientific analysis and planning, and the DailyFitBook mobile apps for IOS and Android. DailyFitBook solutions are already being used, by cycling teams, Ironman World Champions, Boston Marathon Runners, and Ultra Runners to track analyze and plan their training. DailyFitBook is already a partner with global racing and Tracking companies.

DailyFitBook will also be a social network for athletes. We are a global community of millions of runners, cyclist, and triathletes, united by the camaraderie of sports. Our website and mobile apps will not only be a great spot for coaching, logging, and training, we will bring athletes together from all walks of life and inspire them to unleash their potential. From weekend warriors to Olympians, we’re out there on trail the roads, all over the world, day after day.

Instead of thinking of it as a training app I would think of it as a social media and sharing app with training built in. An Instagram for athletes…

DailyFitBook can differ from the other apps, by having the training aspect and promoting positivity. Instead of a “like,” it’s a “high-five”, instead of a “comment” it’s a “compliment”, etc… Pushing people to compliment one another, promote positive body image (you don’t have to be ripped to be an athlete), and let people reach out and find training partners in their community. Take it from digital to real life.

In other words DailyFitBook will be the complete training and social stop for athletes everywhere

Athlete Driven! Athlete Centric!

Detailed Scheduled workout to help you train smarter not harder

Clear concise workout feedback from all the industry leading devices

Best Yet! Share your workouts on your favorite social media platforms

Your Donation helps us finish our project. All Prizes Deliverable March 15, 2019

Your $45.00 Donation Gets you a 24 week custom built running program 100 available.

Your $65.00 Donation Gets you a 30 week custom built triathln program 100 available

Your $275.00 dollar donation gets you 6 months one on one training 10 available (running or triathlon)

Your $600.00 dollar donation gets you 1 year one on one coaching. 10 available (running or triathlon)

Your $800.00 dollar donation gets you 1 year one on one coaching and a training camp of your choice. 5 available

Your $1500.00 dollar donation gets you 1 year coaching and unlimited camps for 1 year. 5 available.

Your $2000.00 dollar donation gets you lifetime coaching and unlimited camps. 2 available.

Your $375.00 dollar donation gets you into any of the following training camps.

  • IMLP 2019 (4 available)
  • Kiawah Island March (3 available)
  • Kiawah Island April (7 available)
  • IM Wisconsin August (3 available)
  • Over the Divide Trail Camp August 5 available.)