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IRONMAN Certified Coach 300 x 300

Team Daily Fit Book Gold is an easy, effective and fun way to train for and race a marathon, triathlon or ultra distance race.

  • Don’t use out-of-date training plans or books.
  • Forget waiting for coach workout updates.
  • Never race without guidance again.

We will build your season, provide daily workouts and teach you how to crush your next race. We outline your entire season and give you access to your customized plan,  focused on your race, and your skill level.

You then have control to move, change and access hundreds of resources to execute your training and racing season. Don’t forget the team page and forums with hundreds teammates and coaches and all of our incredible sponsor deals and much more.

Over the past 20 years, Daily Fit book has built a global presence across thousands of athletes, team partnerships, and events. Led by professional coaches we are a global community of athletes training and racing together.

Using our robust forums and resources, athletes connect over common training milestones to share information, tips…and the occasional kick in the pants to get you going.

Our Guarantee!

Train with Team Daily Fit Book Gold for a minimum of three months. Then if you start the race but don’t reach the finish line, your next three months are on us. We stand behind our training!

Our motto: Be Healthy, Train Smart, Have fun! 

For initial interview fill out the Athlete Questionnaire or questions contact us or send us an email.

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  • Create your workout daily
  • Direct device uploads to your workout calendar
  • Log your workout results


$995per month
  • Everything included with Bronze plus:
  • Unlimited access to training plan library
  • Pre-built plans: Beginner/Intermediate and Advanced 5k to 100-mile, sprint triathlon to Ironman (all training plans free for a limited time)
  • Access to all workout libraries
  • Membership to Team DFB
  • Free access to the Daily Fit Book Education Center
  • Free access to all Daily Fit Book webinars
  • Unlimited scheduling in your workout calendar
  • Easily add, subtract and move workouts


$3999per month
  • Everything included with Silver plus:
  • Free consultation to establish your individual goals and needs for your racing season
  • Your season training and racing plan
  • Monthly consultation calls with a coach to measure progress
  • Feedback on workouts
  • Periodic assessments to upgrade progress
  • Free running, swimming and cycling video analysis
  • Access to all Daily Fit Book sponsor discounts
  • 20% discount to all Daily Fit Book training camps and clinics

All good so far Jeff, the main difference I am feeling is every session pushes me much further than I pushed myself in 2016 without a trainer. I think what you are offering is excellent value for money. Finding your videos very useful and communication is very quick which I like.  Would certainly recommend and when DFB  you have a great product.

Jason, Manchester England

Coach, in my opinion, you are providing a pretty high level of service based on your cost.  If your goal is to get coaching out to the masses this is a good start.  Your plans are detailed, you offer instructions and give feedback almost daily.  Love the way you interface with the team on Facebook and it’s a great platform for you to get the messages out.

Brant, Woburn Ma

I think the feedback is fantastic.  It is not only professional, and helpful, but the speed at which you get back to us is incredible. I feel you are very accessible.  Whether it is text call or email you’ve always been able to chat. The program has far exceeded my expectations.  Both you as a coach and the systems that are with it.  The going rate for a coach is absurd, you are an entire package, at a cheaper rate…

Mike, Cleveland, Oh

Coach provides very timely feedback on both comments I place in DFB, and educational Facebook messages and weekly podcasts.  I feel the feedback has been focused on improving technique which is key at this point in the training cycle.Coach is very accessible.  Coach responds in a very timely manner to both ad hoc questions and my work posts on DFB.To date, the program has performed to my expectations.   I have an ambitious goal for IMLP 2018  and I feel your coaching style, along with DFB to provide the gateway for our communication is a good combination.

Linda, Indianapolis, In

I can honestly say that so it has far exceeded my expectations. For the price I was genuinely just hoping to just get some additional guidance to aid any previous experience I gained when training for IMuk in 2016. And gain some local knowledge to help as we won’t get chance to visit prior to the event. In reality, I feel I am getting a very personal experience from a highly qualified coach who genuinely cares about not only my performance but my daily well being in order to help me perform to my maximum come race day. The Facebook group is a great tool to use to learn from others that are going through the same process.

Now the 30-week programme has begun I could feel more motivated to work hard in the build-up to IMLP. I look forward to the next 30 weeks.

Matt, Manchester England