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Open Water Streamline Swimming for Triathlete @ Marions Camp
Jul 9 @ 6:00 am – Jul 10 @ 5:00 pm

At our clinic, you’ll have the opportunity to develop your stroke so you can swim farther and faster than ever, and experience group swims in open water.

This camp is designed for beginner and intermediate swimmers seeking streamlined swimming instruction in the open water.

This is a technique-focused clinic, teaching you to swim in open water with greater ease and flow, which allows you to swim long distances utilizing thousands of effortless uninterrupted strokes. Our camp is perfect for triathletes seeking to exit the water fresh and ready for the bike.

IRONMAN Certified Coach 300 x 300


It is highly recommended that attendees be able to swim 400 yards/meters comfortably to obtain the greatest benefit from this open water experience.

Day 1 Foundation- drills and skills to correct all of the stroke faults and habits that keep athletes from swimming smoothly without effort. We’ll get an in-depth progression towards a stroke the offers continuing possibilities for improvement, and move through skill work to finish the day finding efficient, effortless stroke segments.

Total Immersion Certified Coach - Level 1 300 x 300Day 2  With the foundation established on day 1, we’ll continue fine-tuning skill sets in breathing, kicking, propulsion, recovery, and more. We’ll learn to use measuring tools for speed improvement and gain valuable understanding of how to continue smart training beyond the weekend. We’ll film from multiple angles above and underwater in both sessions, so there will be extensive video analysis and post-workshop focus lists for each swimmer.

All film clips will be available on a private Dropbox folder.

1. Cooperate with Gravity – Most swimmers fight gravity trying to stay on top of the water. We teach you to find your natural equilibrium by sinking into weightlessness. Learning to relax into the water breaks the “survival- stroking” cycle, and frees your arms and legs for their best use. Besides, gravity is a powerful natural force; doesn’t it make more sense to use it than fight it?

2. Take the Path of Least Resistance – Once you understand that you must swim through the water — and mindful that water is almost 800 times denser than air — it’s logical to focus more on how well you streamline than how you pull and kick. We’ll teach you to shape yourself to cut through the water like a torpedo by alternating a right-side-streamline with a left-side-streamline. Each stroke will move you farther and faster with less effort.

3. Swim with your Body – Traditional thinking about swimming treats the body as having an “arms department” that pulls you forward and a “legs department” that pushes you forward. In Streamline Freestyle, you swim with your whole body, instead of your arms and legs. We’ll teach you to propel with a simple kick, relaxed and rhythmic weight shifts, rather than arm-and-leg churning.

4. Breathe Easy – We’ll also teach you about breathing easily as you swim. No more breathlessness, no worries about choking. The air is free, take all you need.